Horse muzzles for riding (long reining or lunging) only

Some horses & ponies like to have a munch while out riding. That's where the Munch-N-Done  can make all the difference.

What is the Munch-N-Done?

Munch-N-Done TM is a patented, lightweight Anti-Grazing Muzzle

The Munch-N-Done is a lightweight solution to the nibbling issue. It is lightweight and completely non-restrictive anti-grazing muzzle.   Horse riding muzzles for riding only.  

Put the pleasure back in the ride!

Get the FOCUS back and stop worrying about your horse grabbing at every single thing it can reach.

Simple and easy

The entire process of tacking up the horse with a Munch-N-Done TM takes less than a minute.


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Ideal for hacking out or those grass grabbing ponies

Excellent for young riders

The Munch-N-Done TM is absolutely ideal for the hacking enthusiast, it puts the pleasure back in the ride.  Many horses will actually stop trying to munch just minutes after the muzzle is put on.  We have had excellent results even with the most persistent horses kept on restricted grazing.   Hand made in America, the sturdy construction ensures that it will hold up under the most trying of adventures to which it is exposed.

Nothing is more frustrating for children than being pulled about by a strong pony grabbing for grass.  Many horses and ponies quickly learn it is quite easy to simply slip the reins through a child's hand to partake in the delicious equine buffet all around them.  This behaviour can become dangerous as it is really very easy for children to lose the reins entirely.  Let the munch-N-Done TM Anti Grazing Riding Muzzle become standard safety gear for young riders. 

Applying your Munch-N-Done TM

The Munch-N-Done TM is a lightweight solution to the nibbling issue.  The strapping is not designed to be cinched down tight around the muzzle.  The elastic in the strapping should not be strapped if applied correctly, and if using a nose band strap it should not be pulling your nose band down.

Step 1

After removing the Munch-N-Done TM from its package, pop and smooth the darts out to create a nice basket shape to form around your horse's muzzle.  It is designed to cup the muzzle snugly. 

Step 2

The upper Munch-N-Done TM strap (longer strapping with the logo on it) is fed through the bridle cheek piece loops, from top to bottom where your bit is attached to the bridle.  

Step 3

The upper trapping loop velcro is then pressed firmly into the lower strapping hook velcro under the horse's chin.

Step 4

Check to ensure the Munch-N-Done TM is centered on the horse's nose, and fitted snugly, but not tightly.  The elastic should NOT be stretched out when applied correctly.  The basket of the muzzle should be up against the front of your horse's muzzle.  If it does not, your Munch-N-Done TM may be too small.  Excess velcro can then be trimmed off with scissors for a neater look.

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